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The standard

The default for public
and private pools

The function

a redox sensor measures the redox potential of the bathing water. The redox potential provides information about the oxidation or disinfection effect of the water. The sapphire system doses  automatically the necessary amount of chlorine to obtain the desired redox potential.  For  the public area  amperometric chlorine sensors are also used, which measure the actual free chlorine value in the pool water. With a high-precision control algorithm, the SAPHIR system reduces chlorine consumption to the legal minimum and ensures that the water quality is kept constant even under high loads.


The gentle method

For well-being and health
without any chlorine

The function

A certain amount of active oxygen (H2O2) is added to the pool water at regular intervals.  This oxidizes organic substances and microorganisms. The automatic backwash control ensures weekly cleaning of the sand filter to ensure optimal water filtration. The flocculant  supports the filtration process.
This system is also excellent in connection with copper
  and silver ionization or a UV sterilization system. When disinfecting with active oxygen, no harmful disinfection by-products are produced  odor, skin irritation or burning eyes. 


The intelligent connection

between safe water treatment
and chlorine-free bathing fun

The function

This system uses the excellent disinfecting effect of chlorine, but still offers the  Possibility to bathe in chlorine-free water during regular operation. 
After  a certain amount of chlorine is added to the pool water during the weekly backwash process.  After 3-6 h circulation the precisely calculated amount of active oxygen is added, which removes the chlorine that is still present in the water. In combination with copper ions or a UV sterilization system  no more chlorine is needed for the entire week and a very high degree of processing safety is still guaranteed.

Feature Overview

Digital Paket
Alarmbenachrichtigung via App oder Mail
Anbindung an Alexa & Google Home für Sprachsteuerung
Anbindung an ein Hausbussystem via RS 232 *
Bedienung der Gegenstromanlage, Massagedüsen, Rollo & Licht
Chlor Mess/Regelung *
Eco Modus - Sparbetrieb
Eco Modus / Nachtabsenkung
Filterpumpensteuerung (3 Stufen)
Füllstandsberechnung der Kanister für pH-, H2O2 und Chlor
H2O2 Dosierung
Heizregelung mit Solarfühlereingang
Hochpräzise Elektrodenstrom Regelung *
Laufzeitprotokoll zur Überwachung sämtlicher Systemfunktionen
Manueller Start der Rückspülung
Redox Mess/Regelung
Saphir App für Android & Apple
Sleepmodus zur Überwinterung
pH-Wert Mess/Regelung

* Optionally included

The list of features applies to all device types (Ultra X Green, Ultra X Blue, Ultra X Hybrid).


Product physics

icon box 2.png


- Break/splash-proof stainless steel housing IP65  with Goretex pressure compensation valve

- Elegant membrane keyboard

- Graphic display with 4 colors backlight for  intuitive navigation and setting of the parameters

icon input.png


- 16 relay outputs
- 8 inputs (floating)
- 2 x 4-20mA inputs (opt.)
- 2 x galvanically isolated measurement inputs for various sensors
- 2 x temperature input PT 1000
- Input for flow sensor

icon interface.png


- RS 232 interface *
- DMX output *
- WLAN module **
- NFC module **
- LAN interface **

** Only included with Digital Package

Saphir App

Saphir Ultra X App


  • for iOS and Android  available through the Apple App Store and Android Play Store

  • Display of the water parameters

  • Display of the operating status

  • Display of levels for pH, chlorine and H2O2

  • Display of the filter pump runtimes from Mon - Sun

  • Settings of all relevant parameters technician access with remote maintenance

  • Connect multiple pools via one app

  • online software update

  • Operation of attractions such as a counter-current system and massage jets

  • Operation of roller blind open/close

  • Error messages via push notification

  • Log display (history of pH/temperature/etc. over the last hours, days, weeks)

  • only in connection with the digital package

—Pngtree—ipad pro new mockup_3693052.png

Scope of delivery


Saphir system pre-assembled on a mounting board, includes:

  • Measuring cell for pH sensor, redox sensor or temperature sensor and flow sensor

  •   pH sensor

  •   temperature sensor

  •   flow sensor

  •   2 pcs. dosing pumps

  •   Junction box with CAN module

  •   Reductions for injection valves

  •   dosing hoses

  •   screw-in connector

  •   pH and ORP buffer solutions

  •   sample water hose

  •   2 ball valves

  •   pre-filter

  •   Operating instructions including installation plan


  • amperometric chlorine sensor

  • ORP sensor

  • flocculant pump

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