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Push & E-Mail notifications are now available!

Since version 1.4.0 of Saphir X it is now possible to receive push notifications via your iOS or android device. In case that your Saphir device triggers an error or warning massage, you will receive a push notification to inform you about it. It is also possible to receive notifications via e-mail

To activate push or e-mail notifications, navigate to settings in your Saphir X app and press either "Active push notifications" or "Activate e-mail notificatinos". Your iOS or Android device will then be registered for notifications. If you are unable to find these options, please make sure that your Saphir X app is on the latest version.

Saphir X version 1.2.0 is now available!

A new version for our customers who own a digital package is now available on the appstore and google playstore.

We are constantly developing and working on our software to improve your user experience and to include all your feature suggestions.

With the new version we are now supporting different types of filterpumps (including standard, DAB, Speck & Speck 3). Additionally to that, you can now configure two levels for your Pumpcontrol.

Furthermore we added the possible to use a H2O2 and chlor boost, which from now on you can control via the App to directly dose additional amounts into your pool.

We polished the design of App aswell! To check out all new features within this version please check it out in the Appstore and Playstore.


We would love to hear your feedback and your suggestions for the Saphir X app!

Please use our contact page to tell us if you are experiencing any problems, if you have suggestions to improve the app or if you have a feature add you would like to see in the future! We are taking every suggestion in consideration.

Please make sure to update to the latest version of the app before reporting a problem. (Check the App Store or PlayStore to see if an update is available).

Also make sure that your Saphir device is on the latest software version - everytime you connect to your device you will see a pop-up that informs you if your Saphir software is not up-to date, additionally you can go to Settings (top right) -> Update Software to check your Saphir software version.

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Piscina & Wellness Barcelona

SAPHIR water technology have been at the swimming pool and sauna fair in Barcelona from October 15th to October 18th, 2019.

We thank all visitors for the interesting discussions and hope for a good cooperation.


Saphir Ultra X Hybrid - world first

SAPHIR water technology has developed a new method for water treatment.

This system uses the excellent disinfectant effect of the chlorine, but still offers that Possibility of bathing in chlorine-free water during regular operation. Once a week after the backwash process, a certain amount of chlorine is added to the bath water. After circulation for 3-6 hours, the precisely calculated amount of active oxygen is added, which removes the chlorine still present in the water. In combination with copper ionization or a UV disinfection system, chlorine is no longer required for the entire week and a high level of processing reliability is nevertheless guaranteed.

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